That was a tough game both physically and mentally.

Last week I felt went well. After the knock I had in the back I rested a few days and was happy with the way that training was going. Anytime the top two teams meet at this stage in the season it’s always going to be a tough game.

You only have to look at the opposition team sheet and when you read names such as Sinclair, Morgan and Kerr etc. you know it’s never going to be an easy day at the office.

We started brightly. I had a good 1 on 1 and thought about chipping Le Blanc. Somehow she got her hand to it. As far as my own performance went, that really summed up my afternoon. Sometimes in practice 1 on 1’s goes as smoothly as a penguin on ice. But in a game it’s a different story.

Also have to give credit to Karina Le Blanc in goal for Portland. She is an outstanding goalkeeper and proved just why against us in this game.

Was a tough midfield battle for much of the first half. Yet each time we countered or Portland moved forward something just didn’t end up going right for either side. Frustrating first half.

Had another good chance second half when I had some space down the left. Turned in, had another shot but yet again LeBlanc pulled off a great save to deny me a goal. I thought we may have stolen the three points at the end when Taylor (Lytle) hit a hard shot that thundered off the bar, but it was not meant to be.

So that’s the way it goes sometimes. Tough game and two teams giving it their all but in the end coming away with a hard earned point.

Next up I’m off to the Netherlands to meet the national team for some games including Netherlands and an in form France.

Thanks to all for coming and supporting us this week. Really means a lot to us players.

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Stalemate against Portland

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2 thoughts on “Stalemate against Portland

  1. This was a great game to watch, both sides giving it everything. A point is a point. Safe travels and good luck with The Matildas in Europe!

  2. After Morgan’s miss, it seemed like Portland was doomed to lose or tie. Thankfully, as a Thorns fan, Leblanc played superbly.
    The Thorns’ passing game in the first half had me wishing Tobin Heath could arrive A LOT EARLIER in the season… but the 2nd 45 saw some improvements there, unshockingly when Foxhoven entered the game.
    As a fan who’s seen Nikki Washington shine at times, I’m sad to see her on the bench.
    Honestly, I wouldn’t have minded a DeVanna, Kendall, or Schmidt goal TOO badly, since it isn’t the playoffs yet… but a tie summed up the game pretty decently. The night of July 31th seems to be looming as a key date for both teams.

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